2021-2022 APEF Grant Recipients

It is with great pleasure that we share this year’s APEF grant recipients. Once again, we found ourselves wondering what the next school year would look like. Thankfully, the health of the Huntting and Packer Endowments and the generosity of the Hirsch Family Foundation allow the Austin Public Education Foundation to continue providing grant funding to teachers and administrators within Austin Public Schools District 492.

Building Level Grants

These grants are funded thanks in part to the Hirsch Family Foundation.

Requestor & SchoolRequestAmount
Andrea Malo, Austin High SchoolHallway Seating Options – ALC$2,416.55
Dewey Schara, IJ Holton IntermediateLaptop Charging Hub$566.00
Jason Boe, Southgate ElementaryTumblePro Foam Tumbling Mats$4,011.96
Sandra Fadness, Ellis Middle School7th Grade Life Science Microscopes$3,120.00

Teacher Grants

These grants are funded by the Huntting and Packer Endowments. Annual interest earned through these endowments determine the amount that can be distributed to teachers each year.

Community Learning Center
Judi Needham15 TI-30XS Multiview Calculators for Adult Learners$300.00
Woodson Kindergarten Center
Katie KellerHands-on Phonics Learning Activities$3,823.31
Crystal PepperPhonics Instruction Resources$672.76
Banfield Elementary
Nicole Edwards1st Grade Phonemic awareness & Centers$681.09
Nicole Edwards1st Grade Enrichment Supplemental Books$383.70
Neveln Elementary
PBIS TeamSelf-Regulation Tools $1,255.06
Lauren Phan1st Grade Center Materials$1,019.97
Holly ThomasSensory Pathway$585.00
Gerilyn Vesel1st Grade Phonics and Mathematics Materials$453.50
Amber Rochat & Gina Williams1st Grade Small Group Center Materials$1,242.06
Maria Mickelson, Janene Lunning, & Brenda HackensmithMathematics Resources$767.52
Sumner Elementary
English Language TeachersEnglish Language Tools$1,514.69
System 44 TeachersClassroom Library and Tools$2,000.00
Elizabeth HarderScience and Social Studies Materials$475.41
Elizabeth HarderReading and Math Small Group Materials$687.92
Nikky ToldeAdvanced Academic and Talent Development Manipulatives$160.46
Nikky ToldeBooks Sets $1,761.00
Southgate Elementary
Jason BoeEZSet Lightweight Portable Volleyball Standards$508.50
Jer Osgood16 pack of Board Games for Classroom Checkout$180.00
Jer OsgoodChildcraft Classic Board Game Set of 4 Games$60.00
Jer Osgood2 Picnic Tables for Outdoor Learning$1,475.00
Traci BraatenRooted in Reading Book Sets$1,444.00
First Grade Teachers1st Grade HOT DOT Independent Working Stations$1,787.24
Jayme Lamers3rd Grade Classroom Library- Diverse Books$567.61
Third Grade TeachersSocial Studies Small Group Books$1,154.00
Christy HalseyDecodable Readers for Guided Reading Library$636.00
Morgan Dickman4th Grade Bee Bot Robot and Mat Resources$319.80
IJ Holton Intermediate
Angela ThoenNewcomer Phonics Beginning Readers$176.00
Marianne DavidsonExercise Opportunities While Learning$410.14
Drue SponheimOsmo Starter Kits for Ipad$538.00
5th Grade Social Studies Teachers5th Grade Flexible Seating – Surf Chairs$1,079.70
5th Grade Social Studies TeachersLittle People, Big Dreams Series$401.31
5th Grade Social Studies TeachersBlack History Heroes Book Series$432.00
5th Grade Math Teachers5th Grade Student Manipulatives Kits$2,000.00
Leah MotlOrchestra Organizational Materials$600.00
6th Grade Science TeachersWeather Station with LCD Concole$424.95
Michelle SwankSpecial Education Osmo Genius Kit$351.61
Ellis Middle School
Arik Anderson -7th & 8th grade FootballJr. High Football Equipment$975.00
Austin High School
Kathy Ewing & the ELL TeamWho Is/Who Was EL Leveled Reading Library$700.00
Jacy BodiWeight Room Equipment Expansion$1,335.27
Kristen FranaHorizon Program Art and Creativity Supplies$1,039.38
Darla BernardHorizon Program Mind and Body Management Materials$372.94
Alexa Dolan PetersonAHS Packer Pantry Storage Request$135.00
Lisa Peters & Jordan ReimClassroom Sets – Essentials of Language Arts$1,078.80
Carlene PlineReaders Workshop Library – AP Lit$2,000.00
Leslie Leffers16 Cube Storage Organizer$140.52
Oakland Education Center
Troy DeikmanPE/DAPE – Gagaball Pit$2,129.00
Area Learning Center
Eliza KellyEasel Boards for STARS$139.98
Eliza Kelly & Nicole Fuller Hands-On Equations and Calculators $519.00
Eliza Kelly & Gabe Nelson Table Tennis Supplies for Hand/Eye Coordination $972.95
District Wide Support
Ryan Mayers, Communications CoordinatorVideo Microphone for District Videos$321.05
David Hovland, Katie Tharp, Nikky Tolde, & Kim Zerke, Elementary Music Diverse Children’s Books for Music Class $1,400.00

Total: $45,588.20

Between the Hirsch Foundation and the Huntting and Packer Endowments, the Austin Public Education Foundation was able to provide 56 grants totaling $55,702.71!  Congratulations to this year’s recipients. We look forward to seeing your grants in action during the 2021 – 2022 school year.

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