It’s Time! APEF Grants

Submit your APEF Grant Requests

It is an annual tradition for the Austin Public Education Foundation to provide grants to instructional staff within Austin Public Schools to support and enhance learning. Since 1992, the Huntting and Packer Endowments have made these grants possible, growing from a single $500 grant that first year to 55 grants totaling $45,588.20 in 2021!

Thank you, Hirsch Foundation – Building Level Grants

We are excited to still offer grants for building administrators funded through the Hirsch Foundation. The last few years, we have taken advantage of our new funding from the Hirsch Foundation to dream big and provide grants that impacted students at a broader level – benefitting all students within a building vs. a classroom or grade level. We will be able to continue on this year, with building administrators submitting their grant requests that enhance learning at their building.

In the midst of Theon going pandemic, it is rewarding to be able to give back to the teachers and administrators of Austin Public Schools. They have worked tirelessly this year to continue providing high quality education to our students. We can’t wait to see your grant requests for this year.

Good luck!

Jennifer Boysen, Executive Director

Carolyn Dube, APEF President

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