2019-2020 Educational Grant Recipients

We are pleased to announce this year’s recipients of our 2019-2020 educational grants. These teachers and coaches wrote grants requesting funds for the projects and materials described below:

Austin High School

ProjectGrant WritersApproved
9th Grade Reader’s Workshop Libraries Levon Larson, Emily Hovland,
& Leslie Leffers
Coding in Math Stations Josephine Winter $931.68
Classroom Sensory Furniture Bobbie Stone $654.94
Giant Floor Continent Map and Materials Lisa Sanders $1,900.00
Unified Physical Education Class CreationJacy Bodi $1,500.00
Horizon Program Science Supplies Kristen Frana $466.99
Pottery Wheel Jesse Smith $1,365.95

IJ Holton

Project Grant Writers Approved
Stop Motion Lego SetJenny Madsen $482.67
EL Social and Emotional Visual Supports Angela Thoen $149.78

Banfield Elementary

ProjectGrant Writers Approved
6 Gopher TumblePro MatsSteve Bamrick $4,011.93
The Short Series: Complete Library Stephanie Fehn $764.50
1st Grade Science STEM Centers Nicole Edwards $544.73
3rd Grade Math Manipulatives Mallory Harber $1,409.24
Mr. Rodgers’ Won’t You Be My Neighbor Program Sue Conway $500.00
Horizon Wonder Workshop Robots/Bloxels Jodi VanPelt $401.67
3rd Grade Reading Enrichment Materials John Schneider $518.92

Neveln Elementary

Project Grant Writers Approved
Scholastic Ready to Go Classroom LibraryErik LaRock, Julie Nelson, & Shelly Weinmann $1,035.00
Math and Reading Center MaterialsKate Jordal & Robin Witham $442.99
Comprehension Connections Maria Mickelson & Janene Lunning $826.70
Self‐Regulation Tool Boxes for Each Classroom Stephanie Emanuel $1,203.03
Leveled Literacy Intervention Booster Pack Marilyn Oswald & Tracy Garry $440.00
1st Grade Fine and Gross Motor Practice Kits Michele Braun, Maddison Reuter, & Amber Rochat $633.93
1st and 2nd Grade Recess Cart Amber Rochat $597.04

Southgate Elementary

ProjectGrant WriterApproved
2nd grade Steam KitsAbbie Hoyle $992.30
200 Egghead Headphones Christy Halsey $900.00
4th Grade Kagan Strategies Books Lisa Deyo, Morgan Dickman, Cassie LaRock, Kurt Sorgatz, & Ryan Timm $406.00
Merge Cube Jer Osgood $100.00
K’Nex Building Sets Jer Osgood $173.00
2 Lego Education Community Sets Traci Braaten $477.86

Sumner Elementary

ProjectGrant WriterApproved
2 Big Book Classroom LibrariesRobyn Snow $1921.96
4th Grade Learning Suite Math Learning Wrap-ups Alyssa DeAdder $638.00
2nd Grade Math and Reading Palettes Angie Jannsen $1739.94
Phonics Books for Struggling Readers Hannah Gwin $415.97

Woodson Kindergarten Center

ProjectGrant WriterApproved
Sphero Spark, Beebot Card Mat, & 6 Square Panda Multisensory SystemsAmy Learn & Rachel Kaplan $490.00
10 Square Panda Multisensory Systems Christine Kasak & Crystal Pepper $495.00
Sensory Paths for each Critter Team Alisha Galle and Rachel Kaplan $683.00

Community Learning Center

ProjectGrant WriterApproved
Early Childhood Manipulatives,Toys, & Sensory Tools
Kirby Bussman and Steph Bonjour $1516.66

Oakland Education Center

ProjectGrant WriterApproved
OHD Sensory Items Lisa Row $429.88


Project Sites ImpactedGrant WriterApproved
Sensory PathsSumner & Neveln Maureen Noterman $1100.50
Books on self-regulation, growth mindset,
bullying, & classroom/school skills
Sumner & Neveln Maureen Noterman $175.56
2nd and 3rd grade Charts and Visuals Banfield, Neveln,
Southgate, & Sumner
Katie Tharp, Kim Zerke, &David Hovland $3800.00

Total (43 Grants Approved) $40,753.31

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