The Austin Public Education Foundation was founded in 1990 to benefit Austin Public Schools. The first grant of $500 was awarded in 1992. Year to date over $500,000 in grants have been awarded to the Austin Public Schools and students. Quite a contrast and graphic evidence of what can be accomplished when people in the community care.

The foundation is a non-profit corporation separate from the Austin Public Schools. The only beneficiaries of its programs and projects are the more than 5,000 students.

The Huntting Endowment fund was established by James and Joanne Huntting with a donation of $100,000. Many other individuals, organizations, and businesses have joined the Hunttings to add to this fund. The grants that are awarded out of the Huntting fund are to benefit students and projects in all grade levels.

The Packer Endowment fund benefits co-curricular activities in the Austin Public Schools. Over 60 percent of the income generated from the investments of this fund is used for boys’ and girls’ athletic programs at all grade levels.

The Huntting and Packer Endowment funds of the Austin Public Education Foundation are never spent. Only the income earned through investments is used to fund programs and projects. Your donation to the endowment funds is a gift that keeps on giving…

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