What we do:
Every year teachers, coaches and staff, submit grant requests designed to benefit the Austin students educational & co-curricular experience. The first APEF grant was awarded in 1992 for $500. To date over $500,000 in grants have been awarded to cultivate Austin’s dedication to excellence in education.

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How we do it:
Funds from the Huntting Endowment (established by James & Joanne Huntting) and the Packer Endowment are never spent. Investment income from these endowments along with donor support, proceeds from the “Floor on the Wall” and fundraisers are the financial sources used to support the programs and projects that benefit the more than 5,200 students of the Austin Public Schools.
In 1994 the APEF in collaboration with the AHS Alumni and Friends Association created the legacy project, the “Floor on the Wall”, with the theme of “Preserving the Past and Planning the Future.”
Constructed from the 1921 original maple gym floor, honoring plaques are available for $250 and $500. Through the stewardship of our volunteers and gracious donors, resources are raised to support student success with events as well as annual, memorial and planned giving.

Austin Public Education Foundation Grant Process Information


The APE Foundation is pleased to consider applications that benefit the students of the Austin Public Schools. Please review the attached district goals when submitting your grant.

The foundation does not provide grants for the following:

  • Salary or fringe benefits for school district employees
  • Continuing education
  • Student fees and/or rentals normally paid by parents or guardians
  • Curriculum
  • Clothing
  • Field trips
  • Smartboards
  • iPads
  • Batteries or permanent fixtures, i.e. tables and chairs
  • Food or snacks

If you are requesting an item that will require the districts support, please talk to your principal to see if it can be supported.   

Application Guidelines

  • Your grant should not be more than 1-2 word processed pages. There is a sample grant below
  • Submit FOUR PAPER COPIES of your grant to Amanda Gafkjen, Executive Director, at IJ Holton Intermediate School.  Emailed grants will not be considered.

Your grant needs to contain the following information:

  • Date, project title, school, applicant name(s), signature(s) and contact phone and e-mail information.
  • A brief description of the objectives or purpose of the grant request, including the number and description of the people who will be served by the grant.
  • A detailed description of item(s requested with estimated costs. 
  • List each item separately; it is beneficial to prioritize your items and attach pictures.

Reward Instructions

  • If a grant is awarded, approval is given only for item(s) and dollar amount described.
  • The foundation board must approve any changes prior to purchase.
  • Email your principal detailing your grant request. This will keep principals informed of the number and objectives of grant requests generated by their staff. 


Applications are due March 6, 2020 for projects to be funded for the 2020-2021 school year.

The grant committee will notify you if your grant was selected, by April 3rd, 2020. If your grant is accepted, give your purchase order to your principal stating it is for the APE Foundation, prior to the last day of school.  Your order will be made after July 1st, 2020 and you should have your items in time for the 2020-2021 school year.

Access a Word Document version of this information here.

Sample Grant
2/2/18     3rd Grade Listening Center  Materials

Dear  Austin Public Education Foundation,

I am writing to request a grant for the 3rd grade at Wood Creek  Elementary School. We currently have 125 children in the 3rd grade at Wood Creek. This number does fluctuate each year. 

Our district started a new reading series this year called Happy Readers. With Happy Readers, everything that the children do during reading time is leveled. One of the activities, that Happy Readers suggests, is a listening center. Because of this, we would like  to have listening materials at a variety of reading levels. We have very little resources for listening center materials in our building. There  are 10 books with CD’s available to check out  in the library.  All of the 3rd grade teachers have CD players  in their classrooms. We are lacking  books and CD’s to play on our players.      

We  would appreciate it if you were able to fund listening center materials from Lakeshore Learning. Although there are 4 classrooms, we feel we would be able to share the materials. We would like to have 2 of each set that is available. 

2- Read along Grades 2-4 $179.00  ($358.00 for 2 sets)
2- Read along Grades 4-6  $1799.00 ($358.00 for 2 sets)                     

Total  purchase $716.00

Thank  you for taking the time to read my request,

Suzie  Smith
3rd  Grade Teacher
Wood  Creek Elementary School
# 555-5555 / s.smith@wces.mn.us
Signed: Suzie Smith_________